How to Decrease ADHD Symptoms

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Before we go about exploring about possible ways to abate the symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, it is important have some background knowledge about ADHD. As per the studies conducted by American Psychiatric Association, 3% to 7% of school aged children in America suffer from ADHD symptoms. It is marked by symptoms like hyperactivity among the children, inattention and carelessness, short temper, impulsive behavior a tendency to rebel against figures of authority like parents, teachers etc. This is also known as Oppositional Defiant Disorder. Although not definite about its origin, most experts believe that genetic and environmental factors play a major role in the development of ADHD. Although only a professional can conclusively diagnose a child with ADHD based on these symptoms, it is the responsibility of the parents to keep track of their children’s behavior at home, at school and around his friends. If attentive enough, one can identify these symptoms in a child and take him for professional care and counseling.

Although the first item that features on the list of remedies is the treatment through medicine or pharmacotherapy, it also has several harmful side effects.

Certain natural remedies can help reduce the ADHD symptoms in a child. The first and most time tested way is to allow your child to spend some quality amount of time outdoors. In the contemporary world, with the advent of computers and game stations, children have almost forgotten to go out into garden or the park and play outdoor games like football or baseball. This has resulted in reduced brain activity, thus starving it of the necessary nutrients. With increased outdoor activity, blood and oxygen circulation to the brain improves, levels of mood calming hormones and chemicals like acetylcholine and endorphin increase and this has soothing effect on ADHD symptoms. Involving your child in discipline intensive activities like karate and swimming can help abate the ADHD symptoms in him.

A few sessions of counseling and psychotherapy can also help the child by recognizing the issues that are disturbing him and helping him to deal with these issues. Often these therapy sessions include the parents as well to help them deal with the ADHD symptoms of their child in an effective and loving manner.

Recent studies have revealed the effects of diet on ADHD symptoms. Restricting the consumption of simple carbohydrates in the form of pasta, white rice, potatoes and other snack foods can help decrease the ADHD symptoms as these simple carbohydrates lead to increased levels of insulin in bloods which manifests in ADHD like symptoms. Studies have also shown that pesticides containing chemicals called organophosphates, if present in the body, result in aggravated symptoms concurrent with those of ADHD. Most of these pesticides are consumed through the daily food items like fruits and vegetables.

Thus, with the proper knowledge and guidance, dealing with ADHD in children should not pose much of a problem.

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How to Decrease ADHD Symptoms

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This article was published on 2012/04/02