How To Get Rid Of Pink Eye Fast At Home

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Pink eye or conjunctivitis happens when the white part of your eye becomes inflamed and irritated. It is most commonly the result of bacteria, viruses or allergies. The contagious condition often clears up on its own without any treatment or medication. However, it can take as long as 10 days to attain full recovery so you could go back to your work or studies. Here are five effective home remedies that can help you to get rid of pink eye quickly.

1. Keep your eyes clean

Cleanliness of eyes is the first condition before start any treatment. So you should keep “the window to the soul” clean by washing it with clean cloths or cotton ball and warm, sterile water. You start at the inside of the eye at the nose and wipe towards the outside. When you finish the procedure, you need to throw away or wash the wipes, washing your hands to avoid spreading the fun. Additionally, you shouldn’t touch your eyes or wear contact lenses.

2. Soothe pink eye with a hot or cool compress

Cold or warm compress can help to reduce the irritation in the eyes. To get rid of pink eye symptoms, you soak a soft, clean, lint-free cloth in hot water (for viral or bacterial conjunctivitis) or cold water ( for allergic conjunctivitis). Then you wring it out to remove excess water and put it on your closed eyelids for 10-20 minutes. Use a different compress for each eye. Put the cloth in the wash or throw away to prevent spreading contagious pink eye when you finish. You may repeat this procedure 3-4 times a day.

3. Put a tea bag on eyes

Chamomile tea is another natural healer of pink eyes. What you need to do is soaking a chamomile tea bag in warm water and waiting until it cools down. Next, you put the tea bag on the eyes for 15 minutes. Alternatively you can soak a cotton wool pad in the chamomile herbal tea and apply it to the eye, which will help clear the infection. Almost any type of tea will work well but herbal teas containing chamomile and fennel may provide the most relief. You can do this three times a day until the pink eye is gone.

4. Apply the mixture of honey and warm water

An easy way to help you get rid of pink eye fast is mixing some honey with a cup of lukewarm sterile water and place the mixture directly in your eye. This natural antiseptic remedy is typically effective but you may feel a stinging sensation in your eyes when you apply few drops of the solution. Use it as an eyewash a couple of times a day to get best result. Besides, you can put small drops of honey directly to your infected eye. The honey has antibacterial properties and will fight the bacterial infection, soothing the eye and helping it heal faster.

5. Use fresh aloe vera juice

Aloe vera is a very medicinal plant. You can rub some aloe vera juice across the eyelids to get rid of pink eye. This may be sting a little but is very healing. You also can soak a cotton wool pad or eye dressing with aloe vera juice and place it over the affected eye for 10 to 15 minutes. You should do this in the morning and at night for the greatest amount of relief.

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How To Get Rid Of Pink Eye Fast At Home

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