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The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) is an examination body which provides a number of internationally renowned qualifications which are designed to meet the health and safety, environmental and risk management needs of all workplaces within the private and public sectors. NEBOSH has been praised by a number of major professional membership bodies such as the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) and its reputation continues to grow in strength all over the world.

Why Health and Safety is Important

Health and safety in the workplace is crucial and laws have become more stringent over the years. It is vital that managers, supervisors, and those taking their first steps in health and safety careers are fully aware of the hazards and dangers that the workplace can present and how best to go about eradicating these risks. NESBOSH courses provide the knowledge that is required in order to do this.

NEBOSH Certificate-Level Qualifications

These qualifications provide a great basis in health and safety for managers and supervisory figures but also for people taking their first steps in a career in health and safety. For those who are more advanced in the field, such an environmental practitioners, NEBOSH Diploma courses are more suitable as they offer a more comprehensive learning programme based around more specific health and safety points. The NEBOSH General Certificate is the most popular health and safety qualification within the country and equips those new to health and safety practices and legislation with a basic understanding of the main health and safety issues. This is by far the most popular NEBOSH course and is taken by thousands of people every year to better equip them for a career in health and safety.

How Will My NEBOSH Course Be Assessed?

Methods of assessment vary depending on which NEBOSH course you choose to undertake. However, for the most part, and certainly for the NEBOSH General Certificate, your assessment will be split between written examinations and by a practical examination. For the practical exam you will be expected to inspect a workplace and point out any hazards that are present within the area. You will then have to decide whether they are adequately controlled.

Where Can I Find a NEBOSH Course?

You can find a suitable NEBOSH course by using online search engines to search for a suitable training provider near you. NEBOSH qualifications are provided by around 400 course providers in numerous countries all around the world, which exemplifies the quality and popularity of the many courses. Many providers will allow you to carry out your training around your existing work commitments and your lifestyle, which can be especially helpful if you time is restricted. Many more offer flexible e-learning formats which enable you to carry out a course via the Internet and email. It is also possible to arrange courses at your workplace and this is very useful if you have a large number of staff that need to obtain the necessary training from a NEBOSH course. Many providers will oblige in doing this.
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This article was published on 2010/11/29