Is Sweetener Harmful To Our Health

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Sugar substitutes refer to an edible substance can produce sweet besides sugar or syrup. For a number of synthetic chemical products, its sweetness is hundreds of times than sugar; a small amount will be able to provide the people of sweetness. These substances are often called “sweeteners”.


The sweetener is safe for people with diabetes. Their sugar sweetness is a hundred times but which does not produce heat or the heat generated can be ignored completely. And it is the same as other food additives, sugar substitutes, along with the safety of the debate. The different sugar substitutes are completely different things, which cannot be generalized. Here are the three most widely used synthetic sugar substitutes. 


Saccharin (saccharin) is the oldest sweetener; the debate about it began from the early 20th century. In 1960, a study showed that a lot of consumption of saccharin caused the mouse bladder cancer, followed by the different studies had shown that saccharin may be a substance to cause cancer in animals. Since then, actually there is no rigorous and reliable studies have shown that saccharin is related to human cancer. People also figured out the mechanism of saccharin cause cancer in animals, the mechanism does not exist in the human body. Currently, many countries allow the use of saccharin but dosage restrictions, some countries are still prohibited.


Aspartame was discovered in 1965, currently used in thousands of food and beverage in the world. The initial detection is that it is related with the brain tumor, which also makes the FDA has yet to approve its use as a food additive. In 1980, the FDA convened a committee of inquiry to investigate the relationship between aspartame and cancer. The investigation found that the two are not related, but this committee cannot be explained based on the results of some animal experiments, it is recommended not to approve the use of aspartame. In 1981, according to a Japanese study, the FDA approved aspartame to be used in certain foods. Until 1996, the FDA canceled the restrictions on aspartame, allowing it to use in any food. Nevertheless, there is still a lot of criticism to aspartame, and it has been the study pointed out that its possible health hazards.


The suspicion of security to sodium cyclamate lies in containing chlorine. Many chlorinated organic are toxic. However, sodium cyclamate not because of the chlorine is poisonous. Canadian Diabetes Association believes that, per kilogram of body weight daily consumption of 15 milligrams of sodium cyclamate does not have any side effects. This is equivalent to a weight of 70 kg per day to eat for more than 1 g of sodium cyclamate; its sweetness is equal to 630 g sucrose. This has gone far beyond the needs of people of taste. However, people's normal consumption is far lower than these experiments with the concentration; these results are not considered to be instructive.

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Is Sweetener Harmful To Our Health

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Is Sweetener Harmful To Our Health

This article was published on 2012/03/30