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For anyone who has been in an orthopedic cast you know how irritating and frustrating the itching can be. Many people have said that the itching drives them crazy. And still others who may have had a broken arm or leg when they were younger can remember how annoying it was to have an itchy cast.

To some, and not just a few, the problem becomes so unbearable that they resort to removing the cast themselves. Now of course this is something highly NOT recommended to do because your broken bone must heal properly. An improperly healed bone could need to be rebroken, reset and recasted to have the bone heal correctly in place. So, understanding why your cast itches is a major benefit.

One contributing factor to the itching is that we are constantly shedding our skin which builds up in a cast. It may not be very obvious, but it definitely is there. Bacteria now has a medium to grow in which can contribute to someone having an itchy cast. Perspiration is another factor that adds to the itching, which helps to explain why many people notice even more itching during the summer months.

Children seem to be especially affected by an itch in a cast. They may have trouble concentrating in school because of this. It is not uncommon for the itching to keep young ones awake at night. That possibly being the case, you now have an itchy and tired student in the class.

As annoying and irritating as all this is, not having anything to fully and satisfactorily solve this problem can be most frustrating. There are those who recommend using a hair dryer with the heat turned off, blowing air down into the itchy cast. This may give some relief, but how convenient is it to have one with you at all times?

While there are a few products on the market aimed at filling this need, the attitude of the majority of doctors hinders these products from surfacing in the mainstream marketplace for patients.

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Itchy Cast

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This article was published on 2010/03/31