Lisa Rinna before and after lip reduction surgery (Pictures)

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Lisa Rinna made an appearance on “Today Show” on NBC, where she spoke about her lip troubles on Monday (March 18, 2013). "Here's the story. 25 years ago I had my lips injected with silicon,” the 49-year old actress told host Hoda Kotb on the show. “Stupid thing to do.. 24.. I saw Beaches and I did it with my best girlfriend."

Lisa Rinna, best known for her role as Billie Reed on “Days of Our Lives,” is one of the few celebrities that are honest and forthcoming about the plastic surgery procedures. The former “Melrose Place” star admitted that she is a fan of Botox and had her upper lip injected with silicone in 1986, which then hardened and caused scar tissue to form. After undergoing the lip surgery, her pout became swollen and bumpy, getting negative public reaction as a result.

Lisa Rinna’s lips drew all of the attention before she decided to get them back to normal in 2010. The self-confessed plastic surgery fan underwent lip reduction surgery in an effort to fix her botched trout pout. The lumps and bumps in her upper lip are gone and now they definitely look much better, and certainly more natural.

Lisa Rinna before and after plastic surgery

Lisa Rinna’s lips looked much more natural after publicly undergoing lip reduction surgery in 2010 (right). Meanwhile, they were swollen and bumpy before the surgery (left).

Lisa Rinna lips before and after lip reduction

Lisa Rinna’s lips changed dramatically in size after the lip surgery (right).

Lisa Rinna lips before and after surgery

The pictures of the mother-of-two before and after lip surgery showed how the operation returned her mouth more proportionate with the rest of her features.

Lisa Rinna new lips before and after

Lisa Rinna now has a new upper lip after having the lip reduction and she feels very satisfied with the outcome (right). Her mouth looked smooth instead of "bumpy and uneven" before the cosmetic lip reduction surgery (left).

Lisa Rinna lip reduction before and after photos

Lisa Rinna had a surgical lip reduction in 2010, after the silicon that she had injected into her lips in 1986 resulted in lumps forming in her lips.

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Lisa Rinna before and after lip reduction surgery (Pictures)

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