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How Does Anxiety Affect Someone With Bipolar Disorder?

By: Sider Group | Jul 23, 2012 For people who are suffering from bipolar disorder, their problems may be compounded by anxiety. In 1921, Dr. Emil Kraepelin described bipolar disorder as an “excited depression” and “anxious mania”. According to him, anxiety is one of the symptoms of bipolar disorder.

Psychotherapists - role and necessary requirements to be an expert

By: Laura Roseline | Jun 11, 2012 The psychotherapist helps people deal with emotional, mental and the behavioral disorders. They usually go for counseling and conversational therapies to understand and handle the problems of the patients.

Retrain Your Brain Without the Use of Drugs

By: brain retrainer | Jun 6, 2012 We offer Brain Retraining, Brain Training, Improve Memory, Light and Sound Neurotherapy, Pain Management, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with, get Stress Management, Asperger’s Syndrome, Peak Performance, Performance Enhancement and Improve sleep.

Getting Help for Symptoms of Schizophrenia

By: Jennifer E | Jun 5, 2012 How do you know when you or someone you know is beginning to develop symptoms of schizophrenia? The onset of this mental illness can happen gradually and an individual may not be completely conscious of what is happening to them.

When to visit a Psychiatrist in Kolkata

By: Goutam Saha | May 29, 2012 Patients suffering from psychiatric disorders visits and takes consultation from a Psychiatrist in Kolkata. With the increase of neuropsychiatric patients in numbers, the demand of Consultant neuropsychiatrist in Kolkata is growing rapidly.

Treatment for Mental Illness with Psychiatric Services

By: Spectrumpsychiatry | May 28, 2012 Depression, addiction, anxiety, personality disorders are some of the mental illness that are plaguing the 21st century society.

Growing Old And Staying Young

By: Matt | May 24, 2012 Growing old is something that many dread and lots fight. Growing old doesn't have to be a negative thing but saying to yourself that age is just a number isn't the best method either. Our Michigan Senior Living centers want to offer methods to growing old gracefully and maintaining that essence of "youth" and being happy.

A psychiatrist Boca Raton can help you develop a different perspective

By: Sylvia Lambert | May 23, 2012 If you are going through a difficult period and seem unable to cope, a psychiatrist Boca Raton can help you.

Evaluating the Symptoms and Causes of PTSD

By: Larry Burns | May 23, 2012 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, more commonly known as PTSD, is not always easily identifiable. The occurrence of PTSD symptoms can seem arbitrary and confusing. A person may not associate his physical unrest with an event of psychological trauma.

Autism - learn about symptoms, causes of Autism

By: Anders Sandberg | May 23, 2012 Autism - is the result of a neurological disorder which has an effect on human brain function, affecting development of the communication and social interaction skills and by restricted and repetitive behavior. This disorder belongs to a group of serious developmental problems called ASD, which in most cases appear in early childhood (usually before three years).
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