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The Basics Of Brain Training For Better Memory

By: Thomas Manner | May 18, 2012 The idea of brain training may seem a little foreign. Most people don’t think of the brain as something that needs to be exercised. However exercising your brain and doing brain training activities can do a lot to improve your cognitive memory and make you a better problem solver.

What Are The Symptoms Of Dementia?

By: Thomas Manner | May 18, 2012 Many people associate dementia with aging. However, there are many different kinds of dementia caused by many different reasons. Each type of dementia has some symptoms that are similar with all the other kinds of dementia; however, each also has their own symptoms. It is important to understand the different symptoms of dementia and what they mean. Alzheimer’s dementia and senile dementia are

Improving Cognitive Skills

By: Thomas Manner | May 18, 2012 Improving cognitive skills is something that can help you improve your life. These skills are something that you use for many aspects of daily life and improving these skills can help you in many areas that you may not have thought about. The brain goes through many changes in life and this is a natural occurrence. When you keep your brain strong and healthy with brain fitness, you are helping you

Motor Control Can Be Improved At Any Age

By: Thomas Manner | May 18, 2012 It is a known fact that as we get older, cognitive ability and motor control begins to decline. Motor control is the process of the central nervous system which controls our movements. Motor control can be considered a field within neuroscience that analyzes how people and other species control movement.

Food For Happiness

By: Groshan Fabiola | Mar 26, 2010 It is not widely known that some kinds of food, besides supplying nutrition for our body, can help decrease worry, fatigue and also produce excitement. Below are such marvelous foods.
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