Most Useless and Weirdest Human Body Parts

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From the top to bottom as usual, each human body part is in charge of one separate function. For instance, human hair generally has function of protecting skin from outside agents including weather, environment conditions and so on. In particular, hair helps adjust the body temperature such as keep warm, prevent from gas, dust, water, sunlight, etc. Like body hair, other human organs have special functions according to their structure and position on the body. In contrast, there are some useless human body parts having bad effect on the body. Let\'s discover the most useless and weirdest human body parts as follows.


Wisdom teeth are considered to be reserve molars because our teeth can be fallen out if we eat mammoth meats without teeth floss.


Wisdom teeth

Those wisdom teeth have bad effects on human health such as tooth decay, pain, gingivitis, infection, and so on.


Until now, body hair plays an important role in protecting people from temperature, environment conditions, and many other surrounding agents. 


Body hair

The amount of body hair today is less than that in the past due to the trend of the global warming.


Third eyelid, or scientifically called Plica Semilunaris is situated right in the corner by the tear duct. The third eyelid is easily observed on sharks, lizards and even chickens.


Third eyelid

Third eyelid is really a useless human body part producing a substance to collect strange particles from the eye.


Sinusitis is a popular disease, especially in tropical countries. Those who get Sinusitis suffer pain, nasal drainage down the throat, nasal congestion.



Good diet, doing exercises, doing regular personal hygiene are recommended 


Adenoids are seen as a trap and preys are "bacteria." Therefore, Adenoids easily gets infection, swelling and some problems with soft palate.


Tonsils are lymphoepithelial tissues situated in the oropharynx and nasopharynx. Like adenoids, tonsils easily get infection and swelling.



Tonsillitis patients suffer some problems in breathing, voice, and facial disfigurement.




Coccyx is said to be a remnant of a primate tail which has been lost through evolution. Coccyx, or tailbone, has combined vertebrae left from the olde days.



Erector Pili

In the past, Erector Pili made body hair stand on when the feeling changed such as scare. At present, Erector Pili just makes body hair vibrates.


Harmful components in manure make appendix infected causing the death for appendix patients.



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Most Useless and Weirdest Human Body Parts

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