Plastic surgeries

Cosmetic surgery – What you need to know?

By: PINKI | Sep 12, 2013 In a world where the first impression tends to be the last impression, the focus on outward appearances seems to be growing with each passing day. A trend born out of this shift is the increasing popularity of cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery has grown in leaps and bounds in recent times, but choosing the wrong cosmetic surgeon can be disastrous and one needs to be careful while choosing.

Points that could make your facelift surgery easier!

By: jenniferlevine | Sep 7, 2013 Gradually with time when people get aged and they get sagging skin in and around the face. In order to get back a younger look nowadays people are opting for facelift cosmetic operation, also known as rhytidectomy.

Cosmetic Surgery will Correct the Undesirable Effects of Pregnancy and Delivery

By: Peter Meyers | Sep 3, 2013 A general explanation on how cosmetic surgery can correct the undesired effects which result from pregnancy.

Why Consider Cellulaze Cellulite Treatment

By: HelenWright | Aug 6, 2013 Cellulaze treatment is considered the best effective solution for cellulite ensuring safety and efficiency along with long term results.

Rhinoplasty - A Surgical Procedure to Improve Nasal Contour

By: HelenWright | Jul 26, 2013 Rhinoplasty helps you achieve an improved nasal contour and a more attractive facial profile. Your self esteem and self confidence also improve with your improved looks.

Recover Eyesight With Lens Replacement Surgery

By: Halbert | Jul 25, 2013 Lens replacement is most commonly associated with cataract surgery but may also be used in a number of other procedures to help recover sight

What Causes Cleft Lip/Palate? How It Is Treated

By: HelenWright | Jul 16, 2013 In many cases, no exact causes can be stated for cleft lip and palate. It may result from a combination of environmental and genetic factors. Nasal Alveolar Molding is the treatment provided.

Treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea

By: HelenWright | Jul 8, 2013 Obstructive sleep apnea treatment is recommended on the basis of the individual condition of the patient. Surgical options are considered more effective.

Surgery Options For Hand Dislocation

By: Alex Jackson | Jul 3, 2013 Hand dislocations are caused by job-related incidents, vehicle mishaps, sports traumas, falls, folding injuries, crush traumas and also rheumatoid arthritis symptoms.

Liposuction Techniques

By: Om patel | Jul 2, 2013 Surgeons will use a variety of liposuction procedures depending on each persons specific situation. A few of these procedures are no longer considered safe and should be avoided. Many liposuction procedures are recognized as having world-wide standards in care.
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