Plastic surgeries

Rhinoplasty: a Surgical Procedure to Reshape the Nose

By: HelenWright | May 22, 2013 Rhinoplasty can be performed in conjunction with septoplasty. The procedure offers aesthetical as well as medical benefits.

Plastic Surgery Can Help In Gaining Beauty Even At Old Ages

By: drtejinderbhatti | May 18, 2013 Our physical appearance is one of the most important things that determine the social status of a person. It is so because it is only the beauty inside a person that can be expressed with the help of makeup and other things in the world of fashion. It is not possible to draw a painting without a base. Likewise, it is not possible to do anything in the world of fashion without the help of beauty in

Things to Consider before Having Breast augmentation Surgery

By: HelenWright | May 16, 2013 Breast augmentation surgery should be provided by an experienced plastic surgeon who is board certified. The surgeon would educate you on the things to be aware of when going for the surgery.

Epigastric Hernia Details

By: Halbert | May 16, 2013 An epigastric hernia is a specific type of hernia where fat becomes trapped in the wall of the abdomen.

Joint Preserving Surgery

By: Halbert | May 16, 2013 Prosthetic joints, which are usually made from plastic, metal, and other materials, are hardwearing and can provide very good levels of pain relief

Plastic Surgery Glasgow

By: Halbert | May 16, 2013 The way we look and the way we feel about ourselves are important to our emotional and mental wellbeing

What the Neck Lift procedure involves?

By: ChristopherMarcus | May 15, 2013 Neck lift is a form of plastic surgery procedures that help to improve your neck appearance. It provides a successful result if performed in a good clinic and surgeon.

Benefits of Nose Reshaping Surgery

By: HelenWright | May 6, 2013 Also known as nose reshaping surgery, rhinoplasty is a common procedure that reputable plastic surgeons carry out all across the globe. This is a procedure that offers many benefits to patients.

Abdominoplasty - Is It Safe? 

By: HelenWright | Apr 22, 2013 In the hands of an experienced and caring surgeon abdominoplasty is a safe procedure that will ensure you the best aesthetic results.

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose SmartLipo Over Traditional Liposuction

By: Smart Lipo | Apr 22, 2013 SmartLipo removes unwanted fat from your body. So, what is wrong in it? Why all this hullaballoo? In our opinion, there is nothing wrong in it; it is human nature that we are afraid of the new technology. The days when computer was invented, there were debates on its uses and abuses, and of course, the abuses outshined uses. Similar treatment is given to all the new technologies, including SmartLi
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