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The natural drug, Resveratrol is becoming very popular and being featured on sever TV shows for its many health benefits. It has the potential to fight three types of disease: Alzheimer's cancer and cardiovascular disease. Today, these diseases fill the minds and bodies of the modern man.

Resveratrol is a type of antibiotic plant called phytoalexin, and it is produced when plants are attacked by fungi or bacteria. It is found naturally in the skin of red grapes. This finding has lead wine lovers and scientist to believe that drinking red wine may help in fighting cancer and improving overall health. It was first taken from hellebore roots back in 1940 and it was not until 1192 that is was associated with the positive effects it had on reducing cancer and improving cardiovascular health.

Some studies have stated that moderate consumption of wine reduces death rates by up to 40% each year. It is not certain as to whether this is due to Resveratrol's function, but scientists claim that consuming wine by itself does not provide the body with enough this substance to be an outstanding positive effect.

Its effects of have been tested successfully on rodents and cell cultures. On the rodents' tests, has acted as agent fighting against cancer, increasing the function of the cardiovascular system, lowering blood sugar.Iit has removed brain plaque and increased the overall life span.

Resveratrol can possibly be treatment for cancer, Alzheimer's, spinal cord injuries and cardiovascular disease.
It can also have the following benefits:

1. Better athletic performance
2. Protection from radiation exposure
3. Increase longevity
4. Protect from smoke damage

As a natural defense product found in plants, this substance has many health benefits when it is taken as a supplement. Nutritionists strongly urge eating foods that contain Resveratrol, especially those people who are recovering from an illness or who are at risk with a weakened immune system. People who are healthy will also see many benefits, including a better autoimmune response and improved metabolic rates.

As a natural product, Resveratrol can be a dietary supplement that takes the place of those more expensive and potentially dangerous prescriptions that have unknown side effects. With all of its health benefits, is one of the most beneficial antioxidant vitamins available today.

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Resveratrol Miracle

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This article was published on 2010/04/01