Secrets of Ibogaine in Treating Drug Addictions

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Ibogaine is an indole alkaloid found in Tabernanthe Iboga, a peculiar plant found in the deep forests of Central West Africa. Iboga forms a major part of the Bwiti rituals, initiated by the “Pygmies” one of the ancient tribes of the black continent. Today the Bwiti religion along with Ibogaine treatment is becoming all the more powerful in providing spiritual enlightenment for many individuals.

How it works?

Ibogaine is obtained from the scraping of the Iboga barks. They are then processed and made into a fine powder for easy consumption and usage. Once Ibogaine is consumed, the liver converts the alkaloid into nor-Ibogaine which is stored in the fat cells present within the human physique. Its effect can be felt only after 2 to 4 days of the treatment process but the results are permanent and satisfying.

The opiate receptor sites found in the brain are the ones which get affected by the toxins of the drugs. They become the deposit of such harmful chemicals which needs to be detoxified. The detoxification and the renovation of these receptor sites are carried out by the activity of Ibogaine after its first oral administration. This alkaloid works best on these areas to totally abandon the dependency on drugs.

Many medicinal drugs take a longer recovery period than the usual drugs. They indirectly create the dependency on these drugs both physically and mentally. This issue can also be sort out through Ibogaine therapy. Once the addictions are completely relieved, there is no more need to take Ibogaine again. It is a non-addictive unlike other treatments and relieves the complete addictions to drugs and other stimulants in a short span of time.

Ibogaine Treatment

This treatment process is carried out in phases to attain the total recovery from addictions. The first phase cut down the feelings of physical withdrawals which drive the individuals towards the use of chemical substances. In the second phase the psychological addiction is treated were the individuals recollect the memories of the past that had made them to get into addictions. This phase helps the individuals to get a clear outlook about themselves and their surroundings which had forced them into these severe addictions.

With Ibogaine the individual develops a strong psyche and thus develops a positive attitude towards life and gets rid of all negative emotions. As an intense level in Ibogaine treatment the individual goes through a spiritual experience to attain soul eternity and serenity.

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To get away from the physical and psychological disorders, Iboga and its healing process plays a vital role. They are an unexplained reality to work with the human’s spiritualism.

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Secrets of Ibogaine in Treating Drug Addictions

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Secrets of Ibogaine in Treating Drug Addictions

This article was published on 2014/03/12