Top 5 Foods For Men To Build Muscle Fast

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With foods that are rich in protein and vitamins, you can quickly gain ripped muscles as you desire.

To have a ripped, toned body is always a dream of guys. Sometimes, not only workout plans but also healthy diets contribute to strengthen your muscles.

1. High-protein foods

Protein are large biological molecules consisting of one or more chains of amino acids, which are necessary for the body. Protein is the key to create cells for the muscles. To have a healthy body and full energy, you should supply protein sufficiently by eating right. Almost all the animal-derived and plant-derived foods contain completely and balancedly essential amino acids. Fish, meats, eggs, milk and dairy products are a rich source of protein and amino acids. Besides, you need to add more protein from plant such as beans, rice, noodle, corn as well as add it to your daily meals to gain ripped muscles.

2. High-vitamin E foods

Vitamin E can increase blood flow to muscles for more protein and oxygen to be delivered to the body. Vitamin E is also an antioxidant to prevent fat and free radicals from damaging muscle cells in the blood. Natural foods that are rich in vitamin E include cucumber, kale, spinach, vegetables in red colour such as tomato, carrot, pumpkin, or nuts such as bean, peanut, vegetable oil, brown rice and goat milk. Scientists proved that supplementing vitamin E via daily meals works most effectively, rather than via drinking and injecting it into the body.

3. High-vitamin B foods

High-vitamin B diets can improve the body’s protein absorption and metabolism. This will make muscle regeneration work more effectively as well as strengthen the muscles. Pantothenic acid, niacin and pyridoxine are three vitamers of vitamin B that are significant in protein metabolism. Vitamin B is found in a large amount in breads that have nutritional yeast. Besides, it is present in other foods such as potato, banana, pepper, tuna, beans, nut, egg, cereal, oat powder, chicken breast, tomato juice, spinach and sunflower seed.

4. Whole-grain cereals

Foods such as whole-wheat breads, noodle, bagels, muffins and tortillas deliver complex carbohydrates to supply energy for the body. These foods are good for muscle-building workouts and other physical activities and fight fatigue. Whole-grain cereals also provide fiber to keep the muscles strong and growing through protein absorption.

5. Water

80 percent of the body is water. The more water your body lacks of, the more slowly it builds muscles from protein. To know how much water you lost, you can assess your body weight before and after you do workout sessions, and drink 680 ml for each pound you lost. A study at Loma Linda University shows that men who drink 5 to 8 glasses of water per day have lower risk of stroke of 54% than those who drink less than 2 glasses.

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Top 5 Foods For Men To Build Muscle Fast

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Top 5 Foods For Men To Build Muscle Fast

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