Top 5 Foods To Relieve Constipation

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You often get trouble in fighting constipation and its symptoms such as nausea, distended abdomen, anorexia and stomachache make you very discomfortable. If you don’t treat this disease, it can lead to hemorrhoids and affect your life.

1. Water

Water is a key to prevent constipation. When you are dehydrated, it is difficult for stools to go through the colon. Fruit juices and water can increase peristalsis in the intestine and prevent you from constipation.

2. Vegetables

Vegetables and fruits are very good for all health problems, especially when speaking about constipation. They include legume, broccoli, cabbage, carrot, French bean, green bean and spinach. However, notice that cooking these plants will be better for your digestive system than eating them raw.

3. Whole-grain cereals

This is a rich source of fiber. You can include a bread, brown rice or barley in your diet. Corn is also good for the digestive system. It is low in calories, high in fiber and is a delicious, healthy dish.

4. Fruits

Fruits such as peach, pineapple, pear and papaw are good for a healthy bowel movement and stimulate the digestive tract to work well. They are also a great source of fiber.

5. Sugar infused dried fruits

Sugar infused dried fruits are healthy for your digestive system. Consuming plums, apricots and raisins is a method to stimulate the intestine. Prunes are considered as a natural laxatives.

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Top 5 Foods To Relieve Constipation

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