Top 7 fruits for weight loss

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Almost all people think that fruits can help weight loss. However, it is not true because some fruits are rich in sugar and fiber while some are high in calories. In fact, the nutritional value of fruits is unbalanced. Therefore, if you want to shed the unwanted fat and have a tiny waist, you should add 7 following fruits to your daily diet. They will help your weight loss move in a positive direction as well as provide enough energy for you.

1. Apple

Apple is one of the top fruits for weight loss. Apple is rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals but low in calories. It is best if you eat an apple per day and follow a proper exercise regimen, you will have a perfect weight and physique.



2. Pear

Pear is another fruit rich in fiber. It will make you feel full and control your appetite. Besides, pear helps lower cholesterol and boost the cardiovascular health.


3. Banana

Banana contains high levels of fiber and potassium, so it’s easy to understand why it is in the list of good fruits for weight loss. Banana is also rich in vitamin B6 that increases the immunity and reduces the risk of heart disease.


4. Blueberry

Maybe you have ever heard about the effects of blueberries for our beauty and health.It is the most powerful antioxidant fruit. It also helps us prevent hypertension and obesity. According to a study conducted by Texas Woman’s University (TWU), blueberry is able to fight the weight gain in the human body, so let’s add it to your diet.

5. Strawberry

Strawberry is a great fruit for weight loss because it helps produce adiponectin and leptin that burn your fat and stimulate the metabolic process. So it will reduce the accumulation of fat in the body. Don’t hesitate to eat strawberry and do proper exercises now.


6. Kiwi

You can eat the peel of kiwi to perceive the sweet and sour tastes on the top of the tongue. Kiwi is not only tasteful but also high in fiber. Besides, it makes you feel full. Therefore, kiwi is an amazing fruit that you should not ignore.


7. Grapefruit

Some studies showed that eating a half of an grapefruit before your meal will help you shed your weight. In fact, grapefruit contains the thin 37 calories and it is very rich in fiber.

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Top 7 fruits for weight loss

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Top 7 fruits for weight loss

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