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  • Celebrities and Magic Weight Loss
    Chris Jacken2011/01/05 14:25:02 pm| 43966 views|2

    Losing weight for fat people is not an easy mission because it forces strict diet formula and regular exercise practice. Amazingly, some celebrities who have battled with the obesity, can reduce their weight at least 30 pounds like Kendra Wilkinson, Kelly Osbourne, Wynonna Judd, John Goodman and Drew Carey.

  • (1888PressRelease) SimpleCare has announced a new partnership with International Medical Center to open state of the art medical clinics throughout Spain, giving SimpleCare members in-network access to IMC physicians and specialists at discounted rates unmatched by other private clinics on the Costa del Sol.

  • Amazing Weight Loss Success Records
    Chris Jacken2010/07/27 15:34:17 pm| 35813 views|2

    No one wishes to be obese, but they accidentally get overweight because of eating too much fast foods, fatty dishes and even soft drinks. Nevertheless, they all decided to lose weight in order not to feel embarrassed with friends and people around them. Let’s have a look at their images before and after weight loss success.

  • Funny stories about breasts
    Chris Jacken2010/09/22 16:49:05 pm| 25229 views|3

    Have you ever believed that a women was saved her life thanks to breast implant? It is a true story and has been reported in many famed newspaper. In addition, there are many other funny stories related to breasts including the man with the biggest man boobs, the owner of the largest augmented breasts and so on. Let’s discover those interesting stories below.

  • Walking is one of my favorite things to do and I have stressed on many people in the power of walking. This exercise routine does so much without a huge effort or strain and the results are very satisfying.

  • Women’s Health, source for health, fitness tips, weight loss advice, beauty, and nutrition, has listed top 10 best summer bodies of 2010. Kim Kardashian, Brooklyn Decker, Katy Perry, Vanessa Hudgens, Jennifer Aniston, Ashley Greene, Jessica Biel, Carrie Underwood, Lauren Conrad, and Jessica Alba appear in the list. There is also Men’s Health Best Summer Bodies award. These have two things in common: abs and authenticity. The finalists of best summer bodies of 2010 have inspirational and attainable bodies. They look fit and healthy, which inspire everyone to have what kind of body they wish if they make great effort. Exercises and workouts are essential for getting best body with improvement in appearance and function.

  • Healthy Foods for Dieters
    Chris Jacken2010/01/22 17:16:00 pm| 15560 views|1

    Winter is often considered as a season of festival and party. Although you know that you have to limit the food amount, you still feel hungry more quickly due to the cold. The following are 10 kind

  • Rough and Acne Face of Hollywood Females
    Chris Jacken2010/10/30 16:52:43 pm| 13507 views|0

    A beautiful and healthy skin is a dream to every woman, especially among female celebrities. As to be known that Hollywood celebrities are famous not only for their successful careers but for their attractive appearances as well. The world's most prestigious beauty salons are familiar locations which Hollywood females often go to and take face and body skin care treatments. Those wonderful skin care treatments certainly bring hotties dream skins which help them be confident to show off their angelic faces and toned body shapes. However, there are some exceptions, it means that some Hollywood celebrities still have problems with their skin. Hotties such as Victoria Beckham, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, and Kim Kardashian are ever known for their great talents, appealing body shapes and perfect faces. Nevertheless, they have sometimes been spotted suffering acne, roughness, etc on their face. You may be shocked to see the following images of Hollywood celebrities with amazing acne and

  • Victims of Plastic Surgery Nightmare
    John Stevens2010/01/29 16:21:56 pm| 13149 views|0

    Plastic surgery can make a person more beautiful and confident. However, everything always has both sides; i.e plastic surgery inversely has negative impacts and makes victims look terrible. Therefore

  • 4 Summer Light Makeup Styles
    Louis Brown2010/06/28 10:46:53 am| 11391 views|0

    Summertime is always the time for different makeup routine with light styles. As you know, summer is typical for the hot and humid weather, so it's necessary to prevent your makeup from dripping off your skin and the excess oil. Using light color tones for eyes and lips helping you look fresher, lovelier ad younger. Thanks to such natural make up styles, your skin will easily be able to breathe. The light makeup styles for summer below will be the best tips for you.

  • Top Skinny Bodies Worldwide
    Chris Jacken2010/10/27 10:18:34 am| 9335 views|0

    Nowadays, many people think that the more skinny they are, the more beautiful they become. Therefore, these ones wish to lose many weights until there is nothing left but basically skin draped over bones. Supermodels and celebrities are typical examples of this trend when appearing on television, in magazines, or at fashion shows with “walking skeleton” bodies. They consider themselves to be a hot commodity, and surely plenty of men agree that they are really gorgeous. However, the ones do not realized serious problems they must face with, most of which can not be easily resolved. Maybe they seem very happy when walking on streets or public events, but inside they are extremely unhealthy and sometimes losing control.

  • If you are looking for a safe and natural way to lose weight the try following weight loss recipes that are based on natural foods. This article explains how eating natural foods is the safest way to lose weight.

  • Top Hairstyles of Spring 2011 Trend
    Louis Brown2010/10/19 15:01:20 pm| 7680 views|0

    As a part of human body, hair plays an important role in health and beauty among people, especially among women. Possessing lustrous and healthy hair is the dream of every woman. As to be known that a nice and healthy hair flatters the face and the body shape a lot. Nowadays, in the in-and-out of vogue of hair trend, there are more and more hairstyles such as straightened hair, curly hair, braided hair and so on. Besides experiencing good diets and best hair cares by applying natural or chemical treatments, in order to gain a shiny, silky and healthy hair, a hair designer plays a crucial role in creating impressive and eye-catching hair styles. It's time you refreshed you hair to welcome cold weather, especially the upcoming Spring. Woven braids and high buns may be best adored for Spring 2010 hair trend. Below are the best hairstyles looking good on you for this Spring.

  • Dengue fever, a potentially serious flu-like infection on the rise, is likely to be eliminated by a vaccine which is getting tested at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Therefore, if effective, this kind of vaccine can achieve a breakthrough in dengue fever treatment. In other words, approximately 2.5 billion people in over 100 nations are about to be infected by this epidemic with some in the United States will be helped out of serious impacts caused by this fever. The vaccine has been under research at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and is available to be tested for the first phase of clinical study or so-called the safety phase.

  • 3-year-old Chinese Lu Hao Weighs 60kg
    Chris Jacken2011/03/25 10:59:34 am| 6946 views|1

    Lu Hao, three year old from Dashan, Guangdong Province, China, is seriously getting overweight. Reportedly, he currently weights 9st 6lb (60 kg) – five times the size and weight of other normal boys at his age. The three-year-old Chinese toddler was originally born underweight, just 2.6kg (5.7 lbs). From this time, he began to grow and gain weight fast when he was three months old. Although being hugely fat, Lu Hao can eat three big bowls of rice for a single meal, even larger than his parents’. The desperate parents struggle to stop him from gorging on huge plates of ribs and rice and make a balanced diet. However, the mother Chen Huan admits that, “We have to let him be as if we don't feed him he will cry nonstop”. Last year, Lu Hao's parents took him to the Guangdong Children's Hospital. The specialists said that “He is not just overweight but very tall as well so we may be able to treat him if it really is hormonal”.

  • Neerg - Eco-friendly Deal Of The Day
    Sibalanarelia2011/01/13 20:49:28 pm| 7033 views|0

    The concept of environmentally friendly living has the stigma of perhaps being more expensive. However, this is not true if one is a wise consumer.

  • Magnum Drive Supplement Review
    James Taylor2010/11/04 10:04:40 am| 5717 views|0

    Magnum Drive Supplement Review Plus Doctor's Report which reveal the Secret to having the BEST sex of your life. Click Here or visit

  • If you are concerned about eating during pregnancy, you are probably concerned about gaining weight as well. Over time, the attitude toward weight gain during pregnancy has changed dramatically.

  • Osteoporosis is a disease of the bones that leads to an increased risk of fractures and breaks, the condition is characterized by a decrease in bone density. Bones that comprise the human skeleton are composed of protein, collagen, and calcium

  • Sleep Affects Weight Loss?
    E. Dawson2010/12/24 05:52:55 am| 5566 views|0

    Does sleep deprivation cause you to gain weight? Yes! Most people are unaware of the implications sleep deprivation has on your health. It's even possible to be the hinderance in your weight loss efforts.