Two Simple Steps to a Healthier You

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While getting fit may seem impossible to most people, there are a handful of surefire ways to not only get yourself in shape but also create a healthier way of life in the process.

Walk Your Way To the Top

One of the easiest ways to drop a few pounds is to opt for stairways instead of elevators and escalators. This little trick can be used at the office, at the mall, or even in the parking garage. While several flights of stairs may be a daunting task at first, even possibly leaving you breathless by the time you reach your destination, in just a few weeks it will not be nearly as difficult. After a few months of taking the stairs, you will not only notice increased energy levels and possibly even weight loss, you will also wonder why you did not start doing it sooner.

Have a Drink

Research has shown that one of the easiest ways to aid in weight loss is to keep your body properly hydrated. By drinking the recommended six to eight glasses of water a day, you not only avoid the risk of dehydration, you also ensure that your body is maintaining the proper levels of water it needs to function correctly.

One of the other best water related weight loss tricks is the easiest one to follow. When hunger strikes and you feel the urge to binge, take a minute to drink one or two large glasses of water first. This will not only give you time to think about the handful of junk food you are about to eat, it will also help create a feeling of fullness which may curb the desire to give in to empty calories.

Next time you go to reach for a soda or other sugar laden beverage, think about a glass of water instead. The empty calories in most sodas along with the caffeine can be detrimental to your fitness goals and energy levels. While the sugar and caffeine may give you a temporary energy boost it will soon be followed by a crash, making you feel even worse than you did before you reached for that soda.

Replacing soda with water will not only reduce your total calorie intake, it will also help stabilize your energy levels and eliminate the ups and downs that often make it so hard to get through the day. Replacing elevators with steps will help increase the number of calories you burn each day and, in turn, lead to increased energy levels as well. Just two simple steps to follow and you too can be on your way to a healthier lifestyle in no time.

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Two Simple Steps to a Healthier You

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Two Simple Steps to a Healthier You

This article was published on 2011/02/12